Every item we sell here at labelsupplymart.com comes with a 100% money back guarantee because we test each product to ensure it’s compatibility and superior performance in your equipment.

When you choose where to buy your mailing supplies consider a few things:

1. When you buy from a large brand, you’re paying an inflated fee for several things you may not have considered.

    • Their advertising costs 
    • Shipping cost from the manufacturer to them 
    • Supporting their “brand” that’s not an indication of quality

2. Even at stores that appear to be cheaper than other options, take Amazon and Ebay for example, those platforms demand 10-25% of the gross sale amount of the product that must be built into the price.

Here at Labelsupplymart.com we make all of our label and sealing solution products. This ability to manufacturer our own supplies, not only gives us the ability to have the most competitive pricing but also to have a tremendous amount of quality control.

Each label, seal, ink, and solution is tested to ensure flawless usability and dependability. We back every product we sell with a money back guarantee and we love doing so for two reasons.

1. We love to see our customers happy and saving money.
2. When your products work properly the first time, having an amazing warranty is easy!

    If you haven’t checked out all of the products on our store or you’d like to learn a bit more about what we carry, keep reading.

    Our Sealing Solution is of the best quality available on the market. Using our sealing solution ensures your mailing machine, envelope sealer, tape shooters and more run perfectly. It activates the glue and adhesive on contact while ensuring there is no mineral build up or bacterial growth that could interfere with its function or longevity.

    Our direct thermal and thermal transfer rolls are guaranteed to work in any machine you may currently be using. Perfectly perforated so you can easily tear apart your labels, and the perfect surface for your printer to clearly imprint shipping labels, barcodes, reorder labels and more.

    Laser sheets from our store come with not only incredibly low prices, but also perform better than the name brand laser sheets when feeding through your printer. Many laser sheets can jam or feed two sheets at once and waste valuable labels. In blind testing, our label sheets performed better than all the major brands at feeding smoothly through regular office printers.

    Our replacement ink cartridges are guaranteed to work perfectly in Pitney Bowes, Neopost, Postalia and Hassler mailing machines, and the best part about our ink is the 80% average savings from buying the “name brand” cartridges. Whether your volume of mail is large or small, this savings is substantial.

    Postage tapes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and we have at least one for every mailing machine! Guaranteed to work just as well as the name brand and at a fraction of the price.

    Color coding dots can be used from anything from yard sales, or organizing entire warehouses. We carry them in a range of colors, sized and dispensing options so no matter your need, we have the right fit for you.

    We also have range of sizes and shapes of chalkboard labels. These labels can be written on and erased, making them great for organizing offices, kitchens, children’s rooms, or even doing arts and crafts.

    Label Supply Mart is family owned and operated, which means unlike many businesses, where your purchase is just a number… here it will be hand packed by a family member or friend that will personally take care of your order from start to finish! We are available via phone, email, and fax. We even take special orders if we don’t currently carry a product your business requires!

    We pride ourselves on being versatile enough to handle any range of business and believe that you shouldn’t only get great pricing if you have the buying power to purchase massive amounts of product. We cater to our smallest clients, like moms running a craft business out of the house when the kids are in school, all the way to huge corporations putting supplies on the shelves of major chain stores.

    No matter the need of your business, Label Supply Mart is here to help you save money and find the supplies you need to get your products to your customers.