The Twitty family has owned a small business for over 4 decades. They experienced first hand how advertising costs, shipping costs, product costs etc can quickly eat up your profits in a business. They decided to do things differently. Focusing on quality, word of mouth, and education based marketing, they are saving money in ads and distribution and passing the savings directly to their valued customers. 

Ben Twitty:
Owner and co-founder of Label Supply Mart, Ben has created each product from the ground up. He believed in a better way for business owners to get their shipping supplies, so he created it. Managing the plant each day Ben makes sure the products are up to date, meet USPS requirements, and will always work perfectly for your business needs.

Chris Carter: Chris is an expert press operator that keeps the machines running perfectly to ensure the highest quality material output that guarantees the products feed smoothly in your machine and are perfectly perforated. A fabulous member of the team he brings incredible work ethic and team spirit!

Rachel Hohlweg: Rachel and Zeeshan are in charge of all the marketing for Label Supply Mart. Unlike other stores that throw a huge percentage of their income back into advertising, she is doing things differently. Focusing on spreading the word about a company with the best prices without high cost to pass the savings directly to our customers.

Zeeshan Ali: Working with Rachel, Zeeshan has been able to develop business and advertising strategies at an extremely low rate to ensure the lowest prices on the market for our business supplies. Zeeshan is also our technical analyst and helps build and fine tune the website to make our products easy to find, even if you aren't an expert!

Annie Twitty: Annie is in charge of evaluating each new machine product on the market and sourcing materials for it. As new products and machines are released, we are constantly adapting to meet your needs. If you don't see a product you need on our store, let us know so we can source it! 

Sheila Rice: Shelia has been an invaluable member of the Label Supply Mart team! With unmatched work ethic and attention to detail, she is in charge of the quality control of every product that leaves our factory. By the time it reaches your hands, you can rest assured it will be perfect.

Nancy Twitty: Nancy helped create Label Supply Mart over 30 years ago. She still speaks with customers via phone and email and is in the office 5 days per week helping customers place orders and making their businesses run smoothy. She is the perfect picture of the level of dedication a family business creates.

Sarah Twitty: Sarah is our financial expert and advisor. Evaluating market trends and competitor costs Sarah ensures that our pricing is always at least 50% lower than the major brands and whenever possible up to 90% lower. 

Furqan Ahmad: Furqan has worked in marketing for nearly two decades and he is our company marketing specialist. He takes the information we write and helps us spread the word so we are easy to find on any search engine you may search for answers. 

Ryan Boulton: Ryan is our shipping specialist. He analyzes each order, its weight and location and ensures we always have the best prices on shipping so we can keep our prices low for you. He brings spunk to the office and never looses site of the fact that we are trying to save money each day for our customers.