(7465593/9004020) - DOUBLE STRIP POSTAGE LABELS, PACKAGE OF 1200 (7000-4)

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  • Compare to:  Neopost 7465593, Hasler 9004020
  • For:  Neopost- IJ65, IJ75, IJ85, IJ70, IJ80, IJ90, IJ110, IJ15K,
  • For:  Hasler- WJ60, WJ65,WJ90, WJ95, WJ110, WJ135, WJ150, WJ180, WJ185, WJ215, WJ220, WJ250, WJPro
  • These tapes are not for IS Mailing Systems.  For those systems , please order PT2N12 -1,200 tapes per package, or PT2N03 - 300 tapes per box.
  • Our postage meter tapes are designed specifically for your Neopost mailing machine and are USPS approved. 

Note: Won't void your maintenance service agreement or warranty!